Implementation of civil service reform across the public administration

  • COUNTRY: Albania
  • DATE-RANGE: August 2018 - January 2021
The Albanian Public Administration Reform (PAR) process is facing a demanding phase which integrates local needs to the EU integration agreed steps, which leads PAR to be placed among Albanian Government priorities.

This project links together the Albanian needs for public administration and civil service modernization and the policies’ standards that have to be reached for EU enlargement (Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges 2014-2015). PAR strategy was put in place in 2014 and is implementing a coordinated action with the activities of other donors (WB, GIZ, etc.).

The general objective of the project is to provide assistance to the Minister of State for Innovation and Public Administration, in order to further strengthen public sector governance and efficiency of the Albanian Public Administration. This contract support government institutions in the adoption of more democratic and efficient administrative procedures, for enhancing the PA professionality. Main purposes are: a) to develop and implement tools and mechanisms in order to improve human resources management; b) to further support the full implementation of civil service reform.

Specific objectives are: a) Strengthening the Department of Public Administration (DoPA) management and oversight capacity in implementation of the civil service and salaries reform; b) Increasing capacities in using different tools for implementation of business processes; c) Strengthening Albanian School for Public Administration (ASPA) capacities in managing and delivering quality trainings.

The expected results of the project are:
  • Result 1: Strengthening the PA sector towards a higher level of professionalism, impartiality and independency through the Implementation of the new Code of Administrative Procedures and the New Civil Service legislation.
  • Result 2: Control and oversight mechanisms guaranteeing citizens' rights and access to information enhanced.

    Team is composed by 4 Key experts (Team Leader, Senior Legal Expert, Training Management Expert and Functional Review), which will work in the beneficiary Country for the whole time of the project. The pool of NKEs (2.400 w/d) will support project implementation with technical action in legal and training areas, such as:
  • Development of strategies and policies in the area of public administration and civil service;
  • Elaboration of legal framework related to civil service;
  • Designing implementation manuals and performance management mechanisms;
  • Implementation of information systems related to public administration procedures;
  • Salary reform development;
  • Job classification procedures and classification tools;
  • Training management and accreditation of training curricula;
  • Elaboration of e-learning curricula and training implementation;
  • Quality management for training institutions;
  • Elaboration and implementation of law on general administrative procedures, elaboration of users’ manual and training activities;
  • Simplification of administrative procedures and organizational reviews of public bodies;
  • Delegation procedures and increase of efficiency.
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