Framework contract for Event Management Services (Lot 1 - SCIC/C1/2018/FWC/02)

  • COUNTRY: EU Member States, EFTA countries, EU candidate countries
  • DATE-RANGE: June 2019 - June 2022
The objective of the project is to provide the Contracting Authority with quality event management services for the organization of conferences and events with an external communication dimension. The consortium assists the European Union Institutions (EUI) with coordinating and implementing logistics, but also accompanies the EUI in the creation of an event throughout its life cycle: from establishing a concept based on the objectives to be achieved, implementing that concept and measuring the outcomes. This also includes organizing video conferences, webinars, and other types of remote conferencing in the framework of events involving from 50 to 200 participants.

The consortium provides innovative and creative ideas and follow the latest developments in the field, as events can contribute to achieving the policy objectives of the EUI only if they provide a genuine experience to participants. In the dynamic and fast-changing environment of event management, the consortium adopts a structured and efficient approach, ensuring a good flow of information and coordination of the many different parties involved. The consortium assists in clarifying the basics of the event to be organized: objectives, target audience, duration, and format, it also identifies all necessary organizational steps and establishes a timeline for implementation. Services and activities carried out focus on the following areas: Defining an event concept; Overall coordination of the project; Defining and implementing a communication strategy for the event; Participant Management; Venue Search and Rental; Signposting; Event Programme; Audio-visual and IT equipment; Catering; Exhibition; Travel and Accommodation; Protocol; Security; Local staff; Secretarial services; Transport, shipping and storage of event materials; Post-event evaluation.

The project is inter-institutional, and events will have thematic focuses depending on of the EUI that makes use of this FWC and acts as Contracting Authority for its Specific Request. Thus, the thematic focus can cover the whole scope of EU policies. 47 EU institutions can act as Contracting Authorities for individual assignments under this project.
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