Policy Support Facility for the Implementation of EU Foreign Policy – Lot 1

  • COUNTRY: Worldwide
  • DATE-RANGE: January 2020 - December 2021
The overall objective of the FWC is to provide support, both in terms of content and logistics, to public diplomacy, information outreach and organisation of events.
Following the provision of technical assistance and/or the organisation of events, various types of reports of the services provided will be produced. All activities ensure coordination among existing initiatives run at local, national and international level and coherent with the EU's internal policies and reflect EU foreign policy priorities.

Support will be provide as follow:
a) organisation of EU Public Diplomacy and information outreach initiatives in third countries (in liaison with the EU Delegations and/or EU HQ): i) to support the EU's ability to engage with different audiences and stakeholders in third countries. ii) to ensure appropriate follow-up of the engagement activities organised by the EU (and in particular PSF-funded activities) in order to ensure that individual activities contribute to the long-term public diplomacy objectives and major initiatives (e.g. Alumni Engagement Initiatives, Public Diplomacy Database).

b) the design and delivery of information campaigns, including initiatives that aim at increasing societal resilience to disinformation: identify the relevant expertise and/or experts having relevant experience and skills in the area of Public Diplomacy and/or other thematic issues of relevance to the EU (e.g. cultural diversity, global challenges, disinformation challenges, etc. ) to support in-country activities and to provide technical assistance.

c) organisation of events such as conferences, seminars, open days, information days, information or study visits, training sessions, international fora and symposia, and participation at fairs and exhibitions: i) to provide technical assistance and logistic support for the organisation of conferences and similar events, which can be mobilised at very short notice; ii) to guarantee the quality of this logistic support; iii) the events may be organised at the international, national and local levels, including meetings linked to previous and current EU engagement with local stakeholders.

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