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At IBF foundation, we believe in the power of innovation, experiential learning, and capacity-building to drive positive change in communities around the world.


IBF Foundation Internship Programme offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to make a valuable experience in the international development cooperation field.

We propose traineeships in developing countries in health, energy, trade, engineering, agriculture, justice, finance, human rights and many more sectors.

Internship opportunities are available worldwide both in presence and remote modality.

Build a compelling profile and get your dream job with us.

Young Professionals in Development Traineeship Programme
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10 Steps to Charting Your Path to a Career in International Development: A Guide for Undergraduates
Oct 22, 2023
Youngsters to Youngsters
Children’s right to education
Feb 12, 2020

lens Interviews with Consulting Organisations & Projects
Conversation with...
Farid Uddin
An interesting conversation with Farid Uddin, Founder and MD at SSIL in Bangladesh. Farid will tell us about how he started his company, what he looks for when he is hiring and more.
Interview with...
Himanshu Dube
Himanshu, Director at Insight Development Consulting Group, India talks about how he started his career in development cooperation and what is his advice for students.
Let's discuss with ....
Valérie de Oliveira
Valérie de Oliveira, Communication and Knowledge Management Key Expert on the Business ACP (African Caribbean Pacific countries) project talks about her role in the project
lens Meet our trainees
EU-Georgia Association Agreement
Leonardo updates us on his traineeship experience with IBF Foundation on the project in Georgia
EU-Georgia Association Agreement
Francesca is going to start a traineeship experience in Georgia as part of her Master degree Techs 4 Change at the Politecnico di Torino. Watch the interview before her departure.
ACP Brussels
Constanza has just started her traineeship experience with IBF Foundation on the Africa Carribean Pacific project (ACP) as a part of her Master's Degree in Global Studies at Gothenburg University. Learn more about her traineeship watching the interview.
EU-Georgia Association Agreement
Ileana completed her 3 months traineeship with IBF Foundation in Tbilisi, Georgia on the project "AA Facility II" funded by the EU. Learn more about her traineeship watching the interview
Pakistan PICIIP
Gallahika is studying economics and specializing in development economics, so she took the opportunity to put into practice her studies and skills of statistical analysis on the project in Pakistan. Let's listen to her experience!

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