IBF International
lens Experience
40 years
on development cooperation projects

IBF International Consulting was founded in Belgium in 1977.

IBF works worldwide on development cooperation projects financed by international organisations such as the European Commission, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the African Development Bank.

In 2012, IBF launched ICA International Consulting Alliance, a growing network of currently 120 top experts and 70 consultancy organisations present in more than 50 countries. They share experiences and good practices and support the IBF Foundation.

IBF has built a solid reputation for its knowledge, good practices, reliability, as well as for its ability to successfully implement projects within its core sectors: educational and social reforms, institutional support, economic development, trade and regional integration.

IBF International Consulting supports the IBF Foundation.

The Foundation complements IBF’s activities with a non profit dimension, where IBF makes its expertise in education, micro enterprises, and network available to the benefit of students from Europe and from developing countries.
“The IBF Foundation is about Generating Perspectives. Each of us can help supporting youngsters in developing countries.”

Frédéric André, Managing Director of IBF International Consulting.

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