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Chairs and desks for Purbeli Sangeet Vidhyalaya (Nepal)

  • COUNTRY:Nepal
  • LOCATION:Khotang District
  • SCHOOL:Purbeli Sangeet Vidhyalaya

Purbeli Sangeet Vidhyalaya is a small music school in a rural area in Diktel, Khotang District, Nepal. The school has 20 children from 8-15 years at the moment. Most of the children are from poor families and Dalit (The Untouchable community). The school is organised under a small temporary building and is run by a blind teacher who is  a true example of how people with different ability can help the local community.

The school needs chairs, desks, books and a few music instruments like a guitar and a harmonium.

By donating to this school in need you will:

- support  a rural community of a mountain district in Nepal

- Support the children from the poor and Dalit (untouchable) community who are highly marginalized.

- Supporting the conservation of folk Nepali indigenous music from rural areas


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