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Future Garden migrant learning center

  • COUNTRY:Thailand-Myanmar
  • LOCATION:Phop Phra District, Tak Province
  • SCHOOL:Future Garden migrant learning center

Burmese migrant children education in Thailand as we are located at Thailand-Myanmar border, so there are quite many migrants and their dependents from Burma living in Thailand territory, which most of migrant children are studying at informal schools, so called Migrant Learning Centers (MLCs), established by educated Burmese people in Thailand. Most of MLCs are located in remote area or even corn/rice field with quite poor facilities and education quality.


Future Garden migrant learning center (MLC), Phop Phra District, Tak Province, Thailand was organized by a Burmese Teacher named U Tin Win since 2010 based on the need of a remote community and requested from migrant workers living in this area. The school started with only 2 voluntary teachers and 40 migrant children, currently there are 205 students in total from kindergarten to grade 6 with only 6 full-time Burmese teachers.
There are 18 villages with almost 200 households near this MLC, all of inhabitants are migrant workers, during daytime those migrant parents have to work in agricultural site or field and the children need a safe place to stay and basic education. Also the Thai school is quite far with no transportation and the language barrier makes it hard for children to integrate . The school needs urgent help starting from pens and books supply.

There is no access to electricity due to the far distance from downtown area and also the water needs to be supplied to the school every 2 or 3 days.

Help us give something more to this school, starting from the basics for education: books and pencils.


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