• AREA: African Caribbean and Pacific countries
  • SECTOR: Private Sector Development
  • DATE-RANGE: Sept 2022 - Feb 2023

ACP-EU Private Sector Development knowledge management

The project aims at assisting the implementation of the joint ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific countries)-EU Private Sector Development (PSD) around four pillars:

- improving the business environment

- providing support to the private sector in areas relevant for development

- enhancing microfinance support

- catalysing private investments and commercial finance for development.

It focuses on providing technical and administrative assistance to the ACP Secretariat and PSD platform in order to promote ACP-EU PSD knowledge management and to reinforce an effective private sector engagement framework with learning and collaboration between key stakeholders.

More specifically, this includes a wide set of activities including field interventions, grant planning and management, knowledge gathering and development, dialogue and dissemination to a wide audience composed with public and private stakeholders.

In particular, technical assistance is provided in relation with the following components:

- Support business friendly and inclusive national and regional policies and strengthen productive capacities and value chains.

- Increase financial inclusion (reviewing legislative environment and providing easier access to finance for enterprises)

- Increase access to finance for enterprises in particular SMEs and specifically vulnerable ACP entrepreneurs to foster rural development, contribute to poverty reduction and integration of youth on the labour market

- Promote ACP-EU PSD knowledge management by collecting best practices in global investment and business climate support measures and providing means and tools of information exchange among public, private and civil stakeholders.

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