• AREA: African Caribbean and Pacific countries
  • SECTOR: Communication & Social Media Management
  • DATE-RANGE: Sept 2023 - Feb 2023

ACP-EU Private Sector Development knowledge management

The project aims at assisting the implementation of the joint ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific countries)-EU Private Sector Development (PSD) around four pillars:

- improving the business environment
- providing support to the private sector in areas relevant for development
- enhancing microfinance support
- catalysing private investments and commercial finance for development.

It focuses on providing technical and administrative assistance to the ACP Secretariat and PSD platform in order to promote ACP-EU PSD knowledge management and to reinforce an effective private sector engagement framework with learning and collaboration between key stakeholders.

More specifically, this includes a wide set of activities including field interventions, grant planning and management, knowledge gathering and development, dialogue and dissemination to a wide audience composed with public and private stakeholders.

Main tasks to be performed:

1. Finalize the integration of contents of the IT platform, in particular the document repository and the database.
2. Draft one or more template for knowledge products to be posted on Business ACP website.
3. Collaborate in the evolution of the website (new sections).
4. Draft texts to popularize information on private sector development programs implemented in African, Caribbean and pacific (ACP) countries.
5. Participate in the development of a concept note for the creation of a network of experts from ACP countries.
6. Search and update information on the Business ACP website (
7. Support the team with the organisation of virtual events (webinars).
8. Assist in the provision of logistical and organisational support for the preparation and implementation of project activities
9. Assist in the quality control of outputs (proofreading and formatting)
10. Contribute to Business ACP’s social media presence and activity.
11. Taking of minutes during meetings.

Education: Bachelor Degree/Postgraduate or Master Degree in International Affairs, European Studies, Communication, Media Relations, other education related to the topic.


-Fluency in spoken and written English
-Good communication skills, good relational skills with senior officials and administrations;
-Multitasking and capacity to work in a team

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