A unique possibility for students
to experience an
International Cooperation project
IBF Foundation proposes unique academic and extra academic traineeship opportunities to work with international and local experts in developing countries in many sectors (health, energy, trade, engineering, agriculture, justice, finance, human rights....).

Choose below the most useful project for your career.
You will travel to - and live - in your chosen country at your own expenses and IBF Foundation will organise the matching and do the overall supervision.
We will be in contact with you during all the traineeship to ensure you get the most out of the experience and the local team will support you for the logistics.

The experience in a developing country will open your mind and help you create a network of acquaintances and friends that will be useful for your future career and life.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience with a positive impact on your future professional life.

Latest projects
“EU-Japan Connectivity Partnership"
May 2023 – Oct 2023 (flexible)

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