Democratic Republic of Congo (Remote)

  • AREA: Africa
  • SECTOR: Sustainable Economic Development
  • DATE-RANGE: Apr 2023 - Sept 2023

RDC - Technical assistance to the second justice reform support programme (PARJ II) in the Democratic Republic of Congo


The general objective of this project is to strengthen the rule of law and promote democracy in the DRC, through the specific objectives of the National Justice Reform Policy (NJRP) for the period 2017-2026, namely

•  access to rule of law and quality justice for all
independence of the legal authority and performance of the Ministry of Justice
fight against impunity and the protection of human rights
fight against corruption

The specific objective to be achieved in the framework of this contract is related to the improvement of the independence of the legal authority and the performance of the Ministry of Justice.

Main tasks to be performed:

1. Assist the management unit in project in the logistical, administrative and financial tasks
of the project
2. Liaison with the administrative manager in the DRC
3. Liaison with the two project managers within IBF
4. Search for profiles for short-term technical assistance missions

Education: Bachelor Degree/Postgraduate or Master Degree in International Affairs,
European Studies, Economics, Law and other education related to the topic.


-Excellent in spoken and written French
-Law, European studies, institutional framework knowledge
-Good communication skills, good relational skills with senior officials and administrations;
-Multitasking and capacity to work in a team

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