Pakistan (Remote)

  • AREA: Asia
  • SECTOR: Statistics
  • DATE-RANGE: Jan 2023 - Jun 2023

Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Project - Capacity Building of Local Government and Community Development Department

The assignment is part of the ADB Project “Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Project (PICIIP, the Project) to support key urban sectors including water, sanitation, solid waste management, and urban transport and spaces (e.g. parks, riverbanks) in the cities of Sahiwal and Sialkot in Punjab, Pakistan.

The Project, which this assignment is part of, has 4 major outputs:

  • Output 1: Water supply systems improved;
  • Output 2: Sanitation systems improved;
  • Output 3: Urban public spaces improved;
  • Output 4:Institutional support and capacity development.

This assignment will carry out output 4 in the framework of the Project through support to institutional reforms such as the establishment of urban service standards, urban policy and planning, financial management, and tariff policy.

Main tasks to be performed:

1.Provide regular assistance to the project management and expert team;
2. Fulfil everyday assignments i.e. contributing preparation of the written outputs, presentations, reports, logistics, etc.
3. Other activities (details will be provided by TL in the interview)

Education: Bachelor Degree/Postgraduate or Master Degree in Project Management studies, Mathematics and Statistical studies, or from a technical background relevant to the assignment


-Fluency in spoken and written English
-Good knowledge of Power Point and experience in making presentations of data and analytical results
-Good communication skills, good relational skills with senior officials and administrations;
- Multitasking and capacity to work in a team


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