• AREA: Asia
  • SECTOR: Sustainable Economic Development
  • DATE-RANGE: May 2023 – Oct 2023 (flexible)

“Technical Assistance to the EU-Indonesia Cooperation Facility (EUICF)"


EU-Indonesia relations are based on the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA), in force since 2014 and the first with an ASEAN country, which serves as a platform for dialogue on Political Affairs, Trade, Security, Human Rights, Environment/Climate Change, and Development. The PCA sets out to strengthen the bilateral EU-Indonesia relationship and to promote cooperation in all sectors of mutual interest. Indonesia’s long term economic growth and employment are closely linked to the sustainable management of natural resources and country objectives on greenhouse gas emissions as well as the protection of maritime and terrestrial biodiversity, including forests; action priorities for bilateral cooperation between EU and Indonesia are based on the current country’s economic context, and will ensure synergies with other EU thematic strategies such as the European Green Deal and the Global Gateway.

The overall objective of this Facility is to enhance the EU-Indonesia partnership.

Four specific objectives are identified for this Facility, which are expected to provide the related Outcomes as below:

  • Continue and reinforce EU-Indonesia relations and policy dialogues;
  • Promote and increased alignment between EU-Indonesia interests, principles, policies, and values, including human rights and gender equality, with a particular focus on the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Build increased public awareness, understanding and approval of the EU and its role in Indonesia
  • Enhance climate, biodiversity and environmental management, mainstreaming and monitoring, as well as conservation, sustainable, management use of restoration of natural resources

Main tasks to be performed: 

  • Provide regular assistance to the project management and expert team;
  • Fulfil everyday assignments i.e. contributing preparation of the written outputs, presentations, Progress reports, social media management, events organization, etc.
  • Other activities (details will be provided by TL in the interview)

Education: Bachelor Degree/Postgraduate or Master Degree in International Affairs, European Studies, Political Sciences, other education related to the topic.


  • Excellent in spoken and written English
  • Good communication skills, good relational skills with senior officials and administrations;
  • Multitasking and capacity to work in a team
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