• AREA: Maghreb
  • SECTOR: Sustainable Economic Development
  • DATE-RANGE: Feb 2023 -July 2023

IRADA program in Tunisia: Private Sector Development and Vocational training


IRADA programme's overall aim is to contribute to achieving sustainable and inclusive economic development and improving job prospects in Tunisia. The programme therefore consists of 2 components: 1. private sector development; and 2. vocational training.

The traineeship will cover the component of the programme linked to the development of the private sector.

The project IRADA DSP (Développement du Secteur Privé) in a more specific way aims to:

  • provide a contribution in elaborating action plans for the sustainable economic development of the governorate chosen by IRADA and mobilizing the private sector for their implementation.
  • the promotion of regional stakeholders for defining and monitoring national politics and programs regarding the development of the private sector.
  • improving the visibility of the projects supporting the regional private sector and promoted by IRADA.

Main tasks to be performed:

1. Provide regular assistance to the project management and expert team
2. Fulfil everyday assignments i.e. contributing to the preparation of the written outputs, Progress Report etc.
3. Providing administrative support for organising the project planned events such as seminars lectures, trainings
4. Improve, if necessary helps to design monitoring tools for subsidized projects re-reading terms of reference and opinion on the formulation
5. Other activities (to be detailed by the Local Coordinator in the interview)

Education: Bachelor Degree/Postgraduate or Master Degree in International Affairs, Political Sciences, European Studies or other education related to the topic.


-Fluency in spoken and written French
-Good communication skills, good relational skills with senior officials and administrations;
-Multitasking and capacity to work in a team


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